Eli Hodapp
Director of Mobile Publishing at GameMill Entertainment

Born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, the flexibility of working online has afforded me the ability to live all over the United States and even Europe. Currently I'm enjoying life on Watts Bar Lake in the Tennessee valley. These days my professional focus is serving as Director of Mobile Publishing at GameMill Entertainment. I'm building up a huge slate of mobile games I'm extremely excited about, starting with a branded fishing game featuring the entire Rapala product lineup and a mobile version of Nickelodeon Kart Racers.

Prior to that, I held the role of Vice President of Business Development at GameClub, a startup that raised $5MM to breathe new life into premium mobile games. My responsibilities included looking around for new games we could add to GameClub, evangelizing what we were doing as much as possible in the game industry, and act as the primary contact for developers GameClub works with. Before GameClub, I spent a decade managing content and the massive team of both full time and freelance writers that made up the #1 iOS gaming site, TouchArcade.

I've spoken at various conventions and conferences on three different continents now, either giving talks on my own or participating in panels on numerous topics pertaining to mobile gaming. Camping out for the original iPhone release was a major turning point in my life, as I have been deeply involved in iOS gaming since before the launch of the App Store in 2008. Mobile gaming in all of its forms is a lifelong passion of mine, and looking at how far we've come, I can't wait to play an even bigger role in whatever comes next.

I was a web developer and server administrator in a previous life, focusing on enterprise web applications back before anyone had even thought of calling them "web apps." I went on to various startups during the tail-end of the .com bubble, overseeing all levels of enterprise deployment from purchasing and installing the actual hardware in datacenters to training end-users on site before taking a more active role in the business development side of things. I've also worked in the medical software industry, specializing in ANSI 837 electronic claims processing, data security, legacy migration and HIPAA compliance, as well as managing large teams of both in-house and foreign outsourced developers.

Before that, I grew up on a goat farm.

Eli Hodapp


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